Interlinked beach house – Point Lonsdale

The Point Lonsdale House is a linear-formed beach-house composed of four interlinked pavilions, each defined by its own vaulted roof. The house is shaped to allow the living spaces to engage with the long garden. Each of the pavilion forms is divided by a series of private courtyard gardens and sheltered decks, which provides the house with a complex relationship to a number of external living spaces.
Designed by Edition Office the house is designed as an island amongst the surrounding coastal landscape and is elevated above and cantilevered slightly over the earth. Over time the native gardens will lap against and surround its perimeter.
The two separated sleeping zones of the house are linked by a central shared living space which brings all of the occupants of the holiday home together. This central and communal room is the shared gathering space of the home. The capacity for the house to open multiple interlinked pavilions allows for coastal breeze paths to wash through the home, removing the requirement for air-conditioning.
The windows to the northern façade are each set within small undercrofts of the roof forms to create deepened and passively shaded eaves. These small north-facing undercroft niches establish a living edge to the house. Elevated to seating height above the ground plane they provide opportunities for lazy napping in the sun, reading while also becoming a stage for children to play and to perform from.

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