Paustian showroom takes defunct 1868 bank

Ornate gold columns and chequered marble floors nod to the past life of Danish furniture brand Paustian‘s latest showroom, which has opened in a building renovated by Danish architecture practice Aarstiderne Architecture collaboration with brand’s in-house design team. The Paustian showroom takes over a now-defunct bank that dates back to 1868. Located in Stroget, a pedestrianised shopping area at the heart of Copenhagen, the store comes as part of the brand’s move to be more accessible.
It joins three other showrooms dotted across Denmark: one in Ostbanen, which occupies an old train station, another in Aarhus which is located inside an 18th-century mansion, and the flagship in Nordhavn, which is set within a building designed by Danish architect Utzon.
The new central branch features an expansive ground floor punctuated by the bank’s original gold pillars, which rise up to a mottled, vaulted ceiling. Veiny marble structural pillars, mahogany wall panelling and the distinctive checkerboard flooring have also been preserved throughout.
Keeping major interventions to a minimum, the practice has inserted large panels of glazing in the store’s front facade to flood the space with natural light and allow passersby on the street to glimpse inside.
Throughout the entire process, the aim has been to preserve the original architecture, while still revitalizing the building with new functions.

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