House of Bricks

The Old Meets New house is located in Tra Vinh, Vietnam, known for its fresh air, hospitality, and rustic charm. Not being heavily urbanised, the city retains plenty of traditional pagodas and residential areas. Before planning the house Block Architects wondered how the new house would interact with the surroundings, especially the buildings nearby, so that they could form a harmonious combination without dimming the spirit and individuality of the house itself.
Bricks form an outer shell to cover and protect the entire house. They are also used to filter the inner microclimate. Buffers such as lobbies, porches and voids are arranged to circulate fresh air.
The floor plan draws its inspiration from traditional three-part country houses, which include three main areas in the heart and two bedrooms on either side. These areas lay parallel to the adjacent empty land in order to harness natural wind and light.

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