Layered artistic heritage

Located within a former Holiday Inn in the Toronto’s fashionable Annex neighbourhood, the 188-room Kimpton Saint George Hotel marks the first outpost of the Kimpton hotel branch in Canada.
Local interior design firm Mason Studio completed hotel as an ode to the Toronto’s layered architectural and artistic heritage. The lobby strikes a balance between the Annex’s bohemian spirit and the affluence of greater Yorkville with its display of craftsmanship. Numerous millwork arches are intended to visually guide guests throughout the space, while paying homage to Toronto’s diverse architectural style and eras.
A bright 100-square-metre meeting space called the Peregrine Room, meanwhile, contrasts the moody tones of the lobby lounge to reinforce the concept of distinct neighbourhoods within the city.
The apartment-like guest rooms continue to relay the story of Torontonian culture and design with bespoke furniture, many of which are curved or rounded, record players with Canadian vinyl, and locally-crafted decorative objects.
Inside each of the room’s oak-and-rattan armories is a white resin squirrel figurine by art duo Greatbeard – a playful nod to the city’s famous albino squirrels.
Among a sea of beige are accents of greens, blues, golds, are greys that reflect Canada’s vast expanses of untouched nature. Vintage black-and-white photographs from a couple’s vacation to Toronto appear at each guest entry – a reference to the city’s post-war history. The main entrance features a black wood awning punctuated with pin-like lights spelling ‘Kimpton’ in Braille lettering, which takes cues from the once-omnipresent marquee signs throughout the district.


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