living the small life!

Kaggeboda is a small and unique summer house located in the forest of the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweeden. Designed by Andren Fogelstrom Kaggeboda three cabins are placed in relation to one another, creating a  diversity of indoor and outdoor spaces. The blackened plywood of the facades gives strong character that relates to the surrounding pine trees.
Generous windows and skylights allow for the interior to be bathed in natural daylight, whist the inbuilt furniture and high ceilings both contribute to the feeling of serenity, the material creates beauty through its simplicity. The largest of the three buildings contains the wood-burning stove, a small kitchen, a bed and a sofa. The second house has a study and guest room, and the smallest of the three is currently used for storage and has the flexibility to be changed into a bathroom.
The Kaggeboda project is like a small village, or a house in three parts. It’s all about the connection to the outside,  you have to go out to get anywhere or do anything. This summerhouse is very much about living ‘the small life’ – being outside within moments of waking up or spending all day preparing a meal in the outdoor kitchen.

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