Lolly-Laputan Kids Restaurant

The recently opened Lolly-Laputan Kids Restaurant is the first educational family restaurant in China where kids can enjoy learning with entertainment. Designed by Wutopia Lab the exterior façade of the restaurant is made of aluminum panels with punctures of various sizes on it to create an effect of ripples woven together. Behind these ripples, a world between reality and dreams takes center stage.
The front lobby is a circular space surrounded by a forest of lights, which is composed of 1000 acrylic tubes that are able to simulate the effect of sunlight shining through thick layers of leaves to provide a unique forest experience, with the reflection of the mirrored wall.
The central area is the Cloudy Town, the wonderland for kids. Here, they can enjoy endless clouds made of acrylic, with tree houses, slides, ball pit hidden in between, surrounded by the dining areas. This whimsical restaurant cleverly caters for a both adult and child effortlessly without brash colours or gimmicks.

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