Crafted living environment – Michigan Loft

Michigan Loft is a renovated apartment on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, comprising expansive ceilings and a spacious living area its main level. Local firm Vladimir Radutny Architects were enlisted to transform the 209m2 home for a couple, after finding that the existing layout was poorly functioning as a domestic space.
The apartment is located inside a century-old structure that was built for automotive assembly and display. Prior to the renovation, it comprised a black-painted kitchen tucked underneath a lofted area, and a living room that lacked organisation and storage.
Vladimir Radutny kept the space stripped back, including structural details such as the concrete ceiling and pillars during the overhaul. The studio then added in a series of built-in units to improve the layout.
Among these additions is an elevated wooden platform on the main level, which features in the kitchen, in a portion of the living room and in the bedroom.
The continuous wood platform organises the vastness of the open room, providing an edge for more intimate furniture arrangement and a backdrop for plants and life objects collected throughout our client’s lives. A black steel cube conceals the bedroom, and as acts as a visual anchor within the living room. Panels open up revealing its many uses, including storage for a television.
The upper-level functions as a guest loft for visitors, as well as the couple’s workspace. From here is another set of stairs to access an outdoor garden and views of the Chicago skyline. The apartment is complete with a bathroom on this floor, alongside two on the main level.
In resolving the spatial problems inside this impressive shell, Vladimir Radutny Architects crafted a living environment that evokes mental wellness and inspiration within.

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