Behind the Brass wall -Handsome Russian Office

Golden-hued volumes and a huge rotunda-like frame help arrange the layout of this impressive office in Moscow, Russia, designed by Alexander Volkov Architects. Locally based Alexander Volkov Architects was tasked with forming unusual and spectacular interiors for the sales office of the building in Moscow’s NV-9 Artkvartal residential complex, where it occupies the top floor.
Rather than using traditional partitions to carve up the office’s 180-square-metre floor plan, the practice opted to erect a handful of freestanding elements. They act like space anchors, around which life in the office circulates, explained the practice.
A pair of 3.5-metre high volumes clad with panels of brass divide the space into a sitting room, meeting room and desk area for members of staff. One of them accommodates toilet facilities and a small kitchen, while the other is integrated with storage cupboards.
The meeting room is delineated by a five-metre-high round black frame. It’s fitted with a heavy navy-blue curtain that can be drawn across to provide privacy and muffle the sound of people speaking.
Other than a few artworks and potted plants, the office has otherwise been kept simple to complement its raw-concrete structural shell. I know right, this it the epitome of masculine style.

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