Sunshine Beach – Practical and Sensory

Responsive architecture is particularly apt at the Sunshine Beach; where a site located on the dunes overlooking the rolling surf is both an inspiration and a challenge. White sand and bright sunlight are an integrally beautiful part of this site but need to be considered from both a practical and sensory viewpoint.
Designed by PopovBass the beach house is designed as a series of volumes located in the landscape, protected by a simple, generous roof which extends over much of the site. This roof creates a double-story enclosure within which distinct elements such as curvilinear staircases and a rumpus room.
Voids between these elements create both internal and external spaces that can be occupied in a variety of ways. The double-height living room is an extension of the outdoors: filled with light and overlooking the beach. This room links the various living areas together, providing a focal point for residents as well as a place to socialize. The upper-level bedrooms are designed to contrast this focal point. Darker-toned and private, these spaces provide a retreat from the brightness of the house and site. They are a place to rest the eyes as well as the body.
Breeze-blocks act as a filter throughout the house, softening the light to the internal spaces and providing a relaxing, sheltered atmosphere within while still maintaining views to the surf.
The informal character of the landscape in the locality is enhanced by local species of pandanus, banksia and dunal plants. These gardens will eventually grow around the home, stretching from the dune through the house to the road’s edge; deliberately blurring the line between architecture and landscape.

Photos by Fiona Susanto

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