Shrouded sanctuary – Point Lonsdale

Edition Office’s primary design response for the Hawthorn House was to recalibrate the entire project site into a large and singular terrace; one grand outdoor theatre for living which peels upwards at each title boundary to form a living garden backdrop that would appear at every viewpoint from the living areas of the home.
Within this garden platform, the house is defined by a pair of heavily textured concrete shrouds, each with its own proportion and personality, linked together by a walkway and courtyard garden. The arched concrete shrouds evolved as a method of structurally supporting the house with its own skin; designed to be understood as protective cloak rather than as signifiers of support.
The ground floor living and lounge spaces in each pavilion are distinct from one another, yet they connect across the central north facing garden and courtyard. In contrast, the more private first floor sleeping spaces exist as their own elevated islands, the aspect of each being consciously framed around the three grand tree canopies of the site.
The rough sawn formwork boards were stripped from the outer concrete walls, cleaned and re-used as the fencing material of the house, so that the entire perimeter of the site is composed of the same textural language and character of the concrete pavilions.
Located in Point Lonsdale, Australia, the architects objective was to provide a strong sense of sanctuary, a feeling of being ‘elsewhere’ and away from the challenges of a daily working life with the ability to connect between the home to the garden terrace, which is effortless and immersive.

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