the most beautiful Shipping Container House

Architect Marilia Pellegrini presents the CASA CONTEINER ( The container house) at the 2019 Casacor exhibition in Sao Paulo,  showing how is possible to transform shipping containers into a modern and functional house. Its rare that we ever seen shipping containers home so beautifully resolved that the original container is simply disappears.
Based on the ethos of sustainability and reuse of materials, the 60 square meter house was made from two 40 feet containers attached alongside to side and has a  living, kitchen, and laundry integrated, in addition to an ensuite with a comfortable bathroom. The spaces in shades of white that has a protagonist role in the function of expanding the space and composing the minimalist climate with an impeccable finish so that the container itself and all its industrial and corrugated structure would be imperceptible to the eyes.
The Japanese atmosphere of the space and intelligent design is present in the concept evoked by Kenya Hara (creative director of MUJI) in his “design of emptiness” that was a great inspiration to the architect.
To coat the external facade for floors and sun breaker the architect chose ultra-compact Dekton surface. These materials, which reproduce the noble appearance of the marbles, has properties of high resistance to sun rays, scratches, stains, abrasion and were the architect’s choice in this project because they can coat the container internally and externally giving a unified finish with sophistication and in this way it is not possible to say that the house was made from containers.

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