ADesignStudio’s latest addition Crackle Lamps

For ADesignStudio, the Greenway Crackle is a collection that references Sydney’s maritime architecture and Richard Kelly’s (one of the pioneers of architectural lighting design) principles of light while being shaped by experimentation with primitive glass processes. Until now, the range has included a series of pendant configurations.
We are excited to share with you ADesignStudio’s latest additions to the Greenway Crackle which they recently presented at Denfair.
Based on the typology of a flame lamp, the Crackle Lamp conceals the light engine within the elegant crackle glass tube. The glass is carefully carved around the silk chord as a feature and the brass engine creates a ghosted silhouette as if floating within the lamp. The crackle finish creates a dappled glow. A compact addition, it’s the most versatile light yet to be designed by Alex Fitzpatrick – ADesignStudio.

The Greenway Crackle Lamp

The Crackle finish was not initially possible with mould formed glass. Through discussion and experimentation with the glass team, ADesignStudio developed a sequence of events that allowed the forming of glass with the signature crackle finish. It is inspiring to see how the head glass blower (the gaffer) controls the molten glass. The gaffer can consistently maintain split-second timing, internal and external temperatures of the glass and keep relative consistency in for every piece; all by eye. The rejection of modern technological influence is inherent to the glass blowing process, natural variation is evident in the Greenway Crackle Collection.

The Crackle Wall Light (below) is perhaps the most dramatic effect created from the Crackle Glass finish to date. The fitting itself is a gently curving crackle glass form which pushes light back onto the wall in radiating reflections. A play of brilliance is more evident than ever before and is available in two sizes.
See the newest members of the Greenway Crackle Collection live on the ADesignStudio website!

Greenway Crackle Wall Lamp

Greenway Crackle Wall Lamp

Greenway Crackle Pendant

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