The totally Black Cat – Mayfair

The Lucky Cat restaurant, which almost exclusively features jet-black surfaces. Situated in the affluent neighbourhood of Mayfair London, is owned by British chef Gordon Ramsay and was designed by studio AfroditiKrassa to create a super moody interior. The studio tried to work with materials and colours that are subtle and classic, not too shouty. To achieve a shadowy aesthetic the studio looked to Japanese kissas – underground jazz cafes which sprung up around Tokyo in the 1930s, where locals would listen to music while enjoying food and cocktails.
They were bold, atmospheric and nocturnal type of places where you would go to let your hair down and experiment with new, fun things.
In a playful nod to the restaurant’s name and food offering of Asian-inspired small plates and sushi, feline imagery has been dotted throughout the restaurant – stone cat statues are used as decor, while guests hang their belongings from curling, tail-shaped hooks.
The rear wall of the bar is also clad with 300 black ceramic maneki neko, or “beckoning cats”. Featuring one upright paw, the figures are considered a good-luck charm in Japanese culture and typically displayed in the front window of commercial businesses.
There is relatively little contrast between colours, pattern and finish, yet a lot of richness in texture and tactility.

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