Historical fusion – Mexico

The project was born from the need to revive an old house located in the historic center of the city of Merida, Mexico. Casa Deco is one of the few houses in the historic center of Merida that are characterized by having the architectural style that bears its name; “medieval”.
However, this style was not the original style of the house but the result of a remodeling the facade, so Taller Mexicano de Architects decided to reveal the pre-existence and history of the house over the years by creating a fusion or periods.
The project seeks to reinterpret the past whilst incorporating modern living by creating a backyard, balconies and terraces. Given its antiquity, several spaces were modified to achieve a better functioning suited to the present time, whist always respecting its historical character.
New elements like the stairs were inserted into the space without touching the old stone walls, with the intention of making evident the constructive system of masonry used in the past, serving also as a filter of natural light that illuminate the walls allowing to perceive the changes of textures in the materials.

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