Embedded into the natural environment

The house designed by P+0 Architecture was intended to take full advantage of the views and respecting almost all the existing trees. The basis of the outline are two levels located at different heights, so that each one works as an independent piece opened towards the vegetation and landscape. The remaining construction areas, small and between the trees, led to designing two prisms, one private and one social, which float over the ravine that covers the terrain.
The concrete structure base supports two stone “boxes” perforated to naturally ventilate the house and make the most of the spectacular views of the mountains and forest. The stone and concrete walls clearly define the heart of the project: a linear courtyard that from the entry runs towards the small oak forest at the foot of the ravine. By partially covering the central area a simple slab generates an indefinite space that creates the garage, forms a terrace towards the west, transforms the roof of the social space into a sun area and breaks to connect both spaces with a staircase.
Materials with contemporary and local forms are combined to create two simple pieces that enjoy the Mexican topography and embedded into a spectacular natural environment.

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