Tone and colour genius – Diarama Tiles

Born in the Netherlands but based in Berlin, Hella Jongerius is well known for her never-ending colour and material research where she combines the traditional with the contemporary in order to create products with individual character by including craft elements in the industrial production process. Always innovating and keeping busy she acts as Art Director for Vitra and Design Director for Danskina, Kvadrat and Maharam’s rug atelier.
One of her recent collaborations “Diarama” with Tile powerhouse MUTINA is now available in Australia and I simply love everything about this flexible and innovative range.
Diarama is composed by various glazed chromatic references, applied on 7 different matt coloured clay bases. Each reference comes from the application of the same glaze on the top of the different coloured bases, which react in an unpredictable way and create an array of always inhedit nuances, distinguished in two macro-groups called Light and Dark.
In Diarama Black and White, the glaze applied on the 7 bases is respectively black, Iron, or white, Chalk. Diarama Mix overturns this principle: different coloured glazes are applied on the same black or grey base, creating Black Chroma and Grey Chroma. The collection consists of glazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware and is available in the nominal size 9,4 x 18,7 cm. Available from Di Lorenzo tiles.

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