Sculptural Void – Madrid Home

Located in the city’s affluent El Viso neighbourhood, X House has been overhauled by locally based studio Beta O Architects to incorporate elements of the outdoors on every floor by inserting a void and a permeable metal sculpture at the centre of the Madrid family home.
The majority of the home’s internal partition walls have been knocked through to make room for a huge black metal sculpture that extends up through a central void. “It colonises the central space in the home like a tree and resolves the house’s vertical communication, acting as a true backbone to the setting,” explained the studio.
A series of much warmer living spaces have been created on the first floor, which is meant to be the hub of the home. Floor-to-ceiling timber cabinetry appears in the kitchen and study, while a timber tub has been created for the bathroom. Expansive wood-trimmed windows that look through to a tree-lined street have been punctuated in the outer structural walls, flooding the interiors with natural light.

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