Blended refinement – San Francisco

This San Francisco dwelling was designed for a retired couple who were transitioning to city life after residing in a single-family home in California’s wine country to make dining, theatre, travelling and entertaining a priority over maintaining a large home. The unit occupies a nine-storey building in the city’s Pacific Heights district. The couple wanted a space that blended refinement with cosiness, and also offered cheerful moments that could help counter San Francisco’s foggy days.
Californian studio Jennifer Robin Interiors applied colour, texture and custom pieces to create a comfy urban apartment. The living room is fitted with a contemporary white couch and a curved sofa wrapped in yellow velvet. The custom-designed sofa extends into a floor-to-ceiling bay window, increasing seating space. It is one of several pieces that was finessed in order to maximise every inch within the apartment. Windows are covered with sheer drapes that provide privacy while adding a soft touch to the space.
In the dining area, the designer placed a round, sculptural table with extensions that make it suitable for dinner parties. Suspended above is a cloud-shaped lighting fixture and the geometry of the room’s windows, particularly the angular bay window informed the stitching pattern used for the dining room chairs. The master bedroom features a similar interplay of elegance and playfulness. Conceived as a “sanctuary from city life”, the sleeping area features a custom bed with a wood-and-velvet headboard and built-in nightstands.

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