Forrest House – Argentina

This stunning weekend home is located on the Atlantic coast, in the Costa Esmeralda neighbourhood Argentina, 10 km from Pinamar and 500 m from the sea. Architectural studio Estudio PKa sought to animate the house using a path passing through the forest creating dappled light-collecting courtyards to articulate the spaces. The central courtyard divides the house into two volumes, one for public use and one for private use.  A second courtyard allows connecting with the garden from the bedrooms without losing privacy.
Implanted within a conifer forest, the house is experienced prior to entering by walking the path though the forest, further enhancing contact with nature.
The house is developed on one level, having a perimeter wall of stone, where the bearing walls support a large roof that acts as a perforated mantle, consisting of a thick concrete slab. These perforations, or courtyards, allow the passage of light into the house, generating a play of light and shadows throughout the day.
The key success to the C House is the natural material pallet and connection to surrounding vegetation, air and sunlight.

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