Argentinian Tree House

The Carol house looks over a golf course and established trees in Benavidez, Argentina. The main idea for Estudio LAK was to identify and differentiate between the children’s sector and the adult spaces. Taking the tree house as an inspiration, a wood-clad volume with a gable roof emerged as the starting point, also serving to redesign the architectural typology of the neighbouring houses.
Taking its cue form the exterior, wood predominates on the interior as well. Floors and ceilings are of the same skin, in order to be able to house all kinds of toys and be resilient against general wear . The rest of the house is built within a reinforced concrete structure, which acts as a protagonist both on the inside as well as on the outside, aiming to stand out with the help of asymmetry and changes of texture.
The main room and the study bridge complete the upper floor and the most private part of the house, thus forming its own landscape with internal courtyards and generating a connection with the outer environment.


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