Patio House – Greece

Perched on a jagged hillside on the southeast coast of Karpathos island in Greece, ‘Patio House’ is a robust summer house by Stockholm-based OOAK architects built as a sanctuary for a Paris-based, French-Swedish windsurfing couple. Blessed with expansive views of the Aegean Sea. The house seems to have been placed on the dramatic landscape rather than built into it, a purposeful gesture by the architects who conceived the building as a pristine geometric object in juxtaposition to the untamed ruggedness of the rocky outcrop that it sits on.
The exposed board-formed concrete exterior is punctuated by a series of differently sized windows and skylights that have been strategically designed to frame unique views and introduce daylight throughout the interiors, while the resulting geometric composition further enhances the building’s object-like appearance.
In the interiors, the architects have eschewed concrete for softer surfaces, white plaster and polished stone, which create light-filled spaces accentuated by splashes of colour such as the green timber paneling in the kitchen and the terracotta tiles in the bathroom. Meanwhile, the combination of Scandinavian furniture with references to traditional Karpathian architecture like the built in stone bench and the colourful ceramics and carpets, filtered through a lens of contemporary minimalism.

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