Budapest’s Paris Court

Hungarian firm Archikon teamed up with interior design studio Kroki to convert Budapest’s Paris Court—one of the most ornate buildings in Europe into a five-star hotel. A popular location in spy films, the historical building has been renovated by the studios, recreating the once-glamorous setting of Budapest’s iconic architectural gem which had fallen into disrepair over the years and wartime events.
Over the last three years, Kroki and architecture studio Archikon worked to revive the building, restoring the dark and damaged arcade to a decorated landmark that introduces lighting to its intricate details for the first time in its history.
The goal was first to restore the historical features of the central passageway. This meant maintaining the unique facades and decorative elements of the building that its creator, Henrik Schmahl, had designed it with when it was built at the beginning of the 1900s.
The partnership between the two studios meant close cooperation to help restore the building’s grandeur and architectural significance. Kroki worked primarily on the interior design aspects of the restoration, using the unique mix of historic styles for their contemporary interpretation in the newly renovated apartments above that are now repurposed as part of a five-star hotel. Archikon led the architectural and general construction work of both the building’s renovation and its newer functions and features. It began the process by first protecting the most important aspects of the Paris Court, particularly by designing a custom case for the glass dome that additionally allows visitors to view the passageway from above. Archikon also designed a brand new floor added on the top of the building, where it aimed to find a balance between privacy and openness, modern and historic.

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