404 Not Found – human connection and community

Italian photographer Luca Marianaccio’s recent series ‘404 Not Found’ is a conceptual exploration of a disturbing and not-so-distant future, in which he proposes a world where technology dominates our lives in place of all human connection and community.
Thematically, the series strikes a chord because it encapsulates one of the most important debates of our time: the anxiety surrounding how technology is changing humanity on a cultural, societal, and personal level. When we hypothesize a modern dystopia, we can often imagine a distorted reality where technology is the ruler; jeopardizing all the ways in which we operate autonomously. In fact this experience is already occurring, and Marianaccio’s photographs tap into the fear of such a phenomenon with an eerie exactness.
As part of this proposed consequence, Marianaccio asks his audience, to take some responsibility in the hopes of preventing such a world: In this sense, our blame on the future could be a hypocritical forgetfulness of the present.

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