The Cedars – Long Island New York

The Cedars is a three-storey, wooden home built in 1883 in Orient, a coastal town on the tip of Long Island in New York state. The historic residence features a steeply pitched roofline and moments of cedar cladding, which give the house its name. Michael Yarinsky Studio partnered with New York designer Zach Bliss “to breathe life” into the project. They designed the home for a young couple that envisioned a space that would “not only pay homage to the history of the place, but also fit their personalities”.
They wanted something design-forward, light, bright and full of art and design. Another aspect of the interior design is the series of bright, white spaces with white walls and pale wood floors. These give a contemporary feel and strongly contrast with the traditional style of the home. The interior references the moment when the ocean meets the sky, the colour selection consists of muted blues and greens, contrasting with white-washed floors.
Pale wood beams overhead anchor the main living spaces, while wood furnishings reference back to its historical charm.



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