Bohemian design touches- Hotel Kinsley

Hotel Kinsley marks the first destination hotel in Kingston, a town located a couple of hours drive north of New York City in the Hudson Valley. The boutique property comprises four historic houses that were constructed between the 17th and 19th centuries in the Uptown Stockade District. Interior design firm Studio Robert McKinley aimed to delicately restore and revive the buildings to capture their original architectural character with bohemian design touches.
To tie them together, the studio came up with a fictional family narrative: siblings inheriting the buildings and coming together, all while riffing off of the architectural vocabulary of each.
Among the buildings is former bank, which was converted into the hotel’s main gathering point and also houses 10 guest rooms. The old bank vault serves as the check-in area for guests. The spa, restaurant and bar are also located within and are designed with a Scandinavian aesthetic in mind.
Rooms feature uniquely painted headboards all created locally, that refer back to the texture of canvas artwork. Desks, sofas and rugs were custom produced. Filled with fabrics and textures that reminded us of the mountains, exploring boiled wools and coated canvases; very functional, but not your usual fabrics.
The remaining three buildings are slated to open within the next year. The oldest is 41 Pearl Street, which was built by Dutch settlers in the 1680s with a grand central staircase and over a dozen built-in fireplaces. Completing the quartet of structures is 270 Fair Street, a three-storey building with retail space; and 24 John Street, a 17th century single-family cottage with scalloped shingles, stained glass, cornices, and tin ceilings will eventually complete this Hotel Kinsley.

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