Diamond Tree Villa – Italy

Diamond Tree is a villa designed by 3ndy Studio for a family in Ponzano Veneto, Italy in between the residential and rural north-west areas of Treviso. All paths inside the villa are continuous with no confines nor interruptions, so that the inhabitants can move freely without passing through any doors from one room to another. The main bedroom is separated from the rest of the house by a very special sliding wooden wall.
The house is coated by different natural high quality materials, selected for their chromatic and physical peculiarities, i.e. “Canaletto” walnut wood engraved with slats and flamed black granite, mixed with hi-tech materials as sintered stone and solid surface, specifically used for their esthetic.
Sintered stone has been used in its “absolute black” variety on the back wall of the indoor swimming pool, where the Italian artist and sculptor Giorgio Milani impressed the history of Simioni family. It really looks like a gravestone emerged with running water and irradiated by natural light. Solid surface material instead, with its white colour, has been used to cover the house, inside and outside. Its monolithic feeling, is interrupted by unexpected prismatic openings engraved on the walls, that reflect the sunlight as a diamond.

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