Is this the most beautifully crafted kindergarten?

I have a feeling this could be one of the most beautifully crafted kindergartens we have ever featured. The design vision and objective for this kindergarten was to create a place just like a “home” and a small communal place for kids. Therefore, ELTO Consultancy tried to establish a socially interactive environment to help induce and cultivate emotional intelligence and mutual growth.
The studio reached out to the community, exploring daily interactions between children, teachers as well as parents. Opting for timber and a pale colour scheme in the space, the combination demonstrates and conveys a message of sustainability and environment-friendly concept and at the same time gives a sense of homely warm feeling.
Each element within the space was designed to carry emotional value, providing kids with a different perception of “home”. ELTO Consultancy hope to provide a fantastic learning experience that is immersed in their interior architecture, and at the same time to give the children a sense of ownership and safety.


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