Camouflaged Barefoot Luxury

If you blink, you could miss seeing this project which blends like camouflage into the surrounding terrain. Polo Architects and Going East have paired cobbled stone walls with neutral interiors to camouflage this cluster of guest villas against Cape Verde‘s rocky terrain . Decked out in materials that match its immediate surroundings, Barefoot Luxury has been designed to create an optical illusion. The Cape Verde archipelago predominantly houses a strange moon landscape with craters, bumps and rocks as far as the eye can see, with beautiful shades of brown, ochre, red – and contrasts dramatically with the deep blue Atlantic ocean. Respect for the surrounding landscape was essential for the collection of 12 stone-clad villas are nestled against the rocky hillsides.
Whilst ensuring that the villas don’t interrupt the landscape, Polo Architects wanted guests to have maximum exposure to the sweeping sea views and natural daylight. Each building is arranged around a central outdoor patio that comes complete with a pool and kitchen area. Large panels of kotibé wood that front the space can be pivoted to minimise the strong winds that typically blow through the region. Tall pergolas topped with strips of rattan provide shade to white daybeds and sun loungers.

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