life is a CAROUSEL

Creative designers, Christine McDonald, Lia Pielli and Phillipa Cowdrey, are the talent behind our many designs and collaborations from Designer Rugs and form the foundation for the success of company. Their new collection CAROUSEL is a reflection of their decades of experience creating custom rugs, and desire to create innovate new designs. It is also the first in-house handknot collection launched by Designer Rugs and personally I feel its their strongest collection to date.
“As custom-made specialists, we are lucky to have first-hand experience with what is happening in the market in terms of colour and design,” says senior designer Lia Pielli. “Because we work across both commercial and residential projects with long lead times, we always have our finger on the pulse of interiors trends.”
Bespoke design is not limited to interior designers and architects – CAROUSEL, like all Designer Rugs collections, can be custom coloured, shaped and sized by retail and trade customers alike. Each rug is handmade and comes in standard sizes of 200 x300 cm or 240 x 300cm. Each design can be custom made in any size or colour.

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