Cocoon house – New York

This LEED certified home, located in Long Island, New York, is called Cocoon because its round walls form a Cocoon shape towards the northern and western neighbours, providing shelter and privacy.  The other glass side of the house, facing south, takes in ocean breezes and open views, whist the cedar shingle cladding blends in with the architectural material palette of the historic neighbourhood. By tuning in to given site conditions, and with the help of environmental technologies such as photovoltaic panels, the architectural design serves both the environment and wellbeing.

Designed by Nea Studio, the thermal masses of the thick northern/western walls, supported entirely by a timber structure, keep away humidity and retain heat while providing privacy. The large unbroken sliding doors connect inhabitants with the garden and ocean in the distance. Geometric patches of coloured sunlight from the skylights and glimmering water reflections from the reflecting pool/cistern project onto the interior thick white ovoid back wall, which is punctured by just a few small windows. The changing daylight on the round projection screen connects to solar rhythms throughout the day, directing attention to biorhythms in the passing of seasonal and diurnal cycles, marking hours through slowly moving light patches. It’s meant to serve as a cinematic screen, its round shape abstracting the play of light and shadow, cocooning the interior like an ocean wave with the light hitting its surface.

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