The evolution of the Miss Oops

Yovanovitch has transformed the R & Company gallery space into several domestic scenes to display the collection titled Love. He has decorate the interior to bring life to the imaginary character Miss Oops, who regularly appears in his designs.
The exhibition leads guests through an unfolding narrative centred around an imaginary recurring character in the designer’s work called Miss Oops.
Visitors encounter different scenes symbolising the emotional evolution of the Miss Oops’ budding romance: starting in the parlour, leading to the dining room, then the boudoir, and ending in the bedroom.
“To bring my work out of the context of a private home and into a scenography of my creation is so special, as it not only allows me to dabble in my passion for set design and narrative and showcase my designs to the greater public, which is something I rarely have the privilege to do,” Yovanovitch said.
Yovanovitch worked with woodworkers, ceramists, ironworkers, glass makers and upholsterers to create the chairs, sofa, tables, cushions, rug and bed frame that make up the Love series. The Love series and accompanying exhibition will be on display at the R & Company White Street gallery 6 November 2019 to 4 January 2020.

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