feminine, masculine and playful – Coach House

Bolton Coach House is a historic Coach House building in Dublin UK. Kingston Lafferty Design was commissioned to reimagine the interior architecture of the existing building, incorporating a new contemporary extension and exterior terraces and garden. The new design combines and juxtaposes the old and new buildings as one interesting and exciting multi-level, unique space.
The existing coach house is brimming with character, charm and original detail so KLD opted to maximise this with the design. The studio deliberately created interesting spaces, nooks and crannies, contrasting the old building with a minimal streamlined extension design.
The material palette fused original industrial and raw features with highly sophisticated polished marble, walnut and brass. Far from creating a patchwork of themed interiors though, the four-bedroom house effortlessly unfolds in charming poise thanks to KLD’s free-flowing layout that connects rather than separates rooms, a preference for simplicity over ostentatious, and the consistent use of distinctive details.
The furniture designs and selections deliver elegance and femininity to complement the masculine structure. Patterned, rustic tiling adds an element of playfulness and fun contrasted against the sleek poured concrete, while the custom designed free-standing bed in the master showcases the generous proportions within the room.


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