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Quincho Moholy Meditation Space is located in the foothills of the Villarica Volcano, close to Pucón, in the Araucanía Region of Chile. The site has half a hectare which is almost entirely covered with young oaks and some volcanic rocks that emerged due to volcanic activity. Besides the existing house, there was an empty space: a forest glade in which the The Meditation Space was chosen to be placed. The client’s requirement was to develop a nature-connected reflection space for meditation and entertaining with simple lines that also housed a barbecue with kitchen and bathroom.
Architect Jose Pena created a structure that that starts as a wall that elevates to work as a 1.6-meter high beam that transforms into the reflection pool’s base. The walls provide support and at the same time mutate into interior-use furniture.
The result is a project that when entering the exterior road and adjoining site lines disappear, highlighting its semi-circular pool, where the nearby trees are reflected in its interior, thus generating a real continuity that does not turn its back on its surroundings, but makes them part of itself, and in consequence becomes fully immersive.


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