The good life – Lake Mulwala NSW

Bringing back the great Australian holiday dream of the 60’s and 70’s, The Stella Collective created a dream hospitality venue Blacksmith that tells the story of the past and the future of this beautiful regional Australian town. Since the early 1960’s lake Mulwala with its majestic and ghostly river red gums was a celebrated good old-fashioned ‘escape from the big smoke’ resort town noted for its all year impeccable sunshine. Holidaymakers enjoyed being out on their boat all day, water skiing, fishing and enjoying the great Australian sunshine.
Standing proud, Blacksmith Provedore sits on the banks of Lake Mulwala which is a 3 hour drive from Melbourne, a modernist exploration into the hazy nostalgia of bygone summers set in the regional town of Mulwala. The outcome is a serene modernist building that successfully merges the country past of Lake Mulwala into a utopian present-day palace.
Guests step off their boats onto the green shores, welcomed by incredible wine and cheese from the surrounding countryside and afar.?There are little touches everywhere that tell a story of love, fun and spirit; the round cabana doubles as a dance floor late in to the night and custom peach tiger print umbrellas that are dotted around on the green lawn are not just stylish beacons from the foreshore, but are symbolic of the white tiger renowned for its strength, majestic courage, and vision.
It was the studio’s primary ambition to safeguard the town’s legacy whilst being able to give something new and exciting to the people.
“Blacksmith draws a comparison to a Slim Aarons scene but the design is quintessential Australiana. The glamour and appeal of Blacksmith was designed to reminds us of the good life that exists beyond the rabbit hole, but ultimately Blacksmith reminds us to walk on the sunny side, and smile.”

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