Not so typical Milanese home

For this apartment, set within a building from the late 1960 on Corso Sempione, Italy, the Turin-based duo Marcante-Testa has applied its immediately recognizable style to reinterpret a typical Milanese home in an original way.
Keeping a classic layout, with a central corridor providing access to the various rooms, the design expands the living area and connects it to the entrance, while maintaining visual contact with the kitchen. Through the use of marble, the design flows from interior to exterior, and from one area to the next. The floor in “Cipollino Tirreno” marble extends from the entrance hall to the living room, on the walls and “closing” at the ceiling to frame a view of Milan that appears almost like a meditative landscape. The dining room gives way to marble, which becomes a “carpet” on the floor for the dining table, a wallcovering, and even furniture itself in the form of a shelf on which to place objects.?The design of the marble slabs and the pattern of the veins within them create visual pathways, guiding the inhabitants through a pattern of precise spatial hierarchies. The floor joints also form the base for a screen in brass and glass, another custom-made piece, which acts both as a visual filter between the entrance and the dining area and also as a storage feature, and whose metal “arms” indicate more intimate visual pathways between the apartment’s entrance, the kitchen and the living area.

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