Experiencing the tropics

Initially, the villa was neoclassical, located in a long but narrow footprint, divided into small disconnected rooms with no flow. The original house was unsuitable for tropical Vietnamese climate and location .
Considerable adjustments were made by Nemo Studio, adding a new deck for outdoor living which connects with the pool, river and tropical gardens. By placing a  a void in the center of the villa it allows all levels to connect and adapt to the tropical conditions, allowing the occupants to experience feeling the wind, rain and nature.
Plants and gravel are placed in various places, including the void to upper floors and the area next to bathrooms. Sliding doors, windows & skylight help to regulate ventilation. Concrete louvers and wooden louvers allow daylight to travel through the building whist keeping privacy.
The facade was simplified to adapt the general appearance of other villas in the neighborhood with subtle twists.

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