The Slender House

The slimness of the new building Slender House in Japan’s Shiga, is a response to both the property’s elongated shape and the need to establish a breathing distance from its neighbours. Designed by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects the home is tapered at the front to allow for parking spots on either side of the concrete porch, the austere composition of three rectilinear volumes is complemented by distinct textures and colours that enhance its sculptural sensibility and symmetrical design as well as soften its bulky mass. The solid exterior is also punctured by a tall street-facing window that accentuates the building’s slender proportions and which lights up to become a beacon of homely warmth come night time.
Kimura’s minimalist design strikes a balance between functionality, spaciousness, natural light and privacy to create a modern home for a family of three that feels neither contained nor constrained by its slender proportions.

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