Border Crossing House Italy

Lush grass fields surround the “Border Crossing House”, the private residence built by Simone Subissati Architects in Polverigi, near Ancona, Italy. Set on a ridge, between the city and the countryside, fits well into the local context, exploring the theme of the border and searching for new forms in space and time.
“For the Border Crossing House, I imagined a space that would feel as if it was “inherited.” I wanted it to be the least opulent it could be: it is meant to feel “as if it had always been there” though being contemporary and in many ways very distant from tradition. So essential that you can almost think of it as a temporary place as if it were an outdoor park. A light, flexible space that, as if it was there already, could now be reclaimed. A space without frills and without luxury, just like the buildings of the rural tradition where people both lived and worked.” Simone Subissati
The rectangular building, covered by an asymmetrical double-pitched roof, runs from east to west, in close relation with the surrounding cultivated land. The presence of numerous openings, different in shape and function, allows the house to connect with the the hilly landscape within the intimate, domestic space.
Grass reaches the very edge of the house, which is surrounded only by a thin pavement. A strip of decorative perennial grasses ideally envelopes the house, as if it belonged to the fields.
The furnishings are in solid ash wood, used with all its parts – bark, knots, and splits and dyed white. Or in pre-finished board panels of pine for doors and partitions, such as the walk-in closet that also acts as bed headboard and bathroom / spa block on the ground floor). The kitchen countertops, the sink and the basins are customs made in cement and quartz, designed by the architect.

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