Aesop’s self-titled book

Spanning more than 336 pages, Aesop’s self-titled publication offers an “intimate and reflective” glimpse into the Australian skincare brand’s history. This is the first book that the brand has released since its launch in 1987, but founder Dennis Paphitis believes it’s timing is just right.
“We wanted to tell something of our story in our thirty-third year – it matters to pause and reflect,” explained Paphitis, who co-authored the book with Aesop’s in-house writer Jennifer Down.
Paphitis said, “the book is not intended as a detailed overview, but a selection of some of the stories and people who have contributed to Aesop.”
The coffee-table book offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the company’s first 30-years in the industry from product formulation to the design of its spaces.
Across 11 thematic chapters, the title explores everything from the concoction of the brand’s products, to the development of its signature brown-bottle packaging and the interiors of its most memorable retail spaces – including its humble first store in Melbourne.
Some pages also offer an insight into Aesop’s long-standing relationship with architects like Frida Escobedo, who to-date has designed six branches for the brand.
The book shares little stories like, ”Aesop Brera, Italy was their first store in Italy when it opened in 2015. Aesop took over the lease from a butcher that had occupied the site for decades, but which was moving to other premises. The business was something of a neighbourhood institution – it had been frequented by locals for their cuts of meat for decades. Aesop Brera, collaborated with architect Vincenzo de Cotiis, who suggested they preserve the original signage which was small but significant: it translated to respecting the history of the site and its previous occupants, which is an important part of how the brand approach the design of all their stores. The book takes us on a journey of branding, store design, packaging and communication of the global phenomenon that is Aesop.

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