Minika Twins Houses – QLD

Located in Bardon QLD, the striking Minika Twins House references Japanese farm houses. These dwellings, like the ‘Queenslander’, were characterised by their strong connection with the surrounding landscape. The Minka Twins invite the outside in, translating ‘under-the-house’ space into highly functional and inviting living spaces.? Brisbane architectural firm bureau^proberts has delivered on their aim to fill a gap in the Brisbane housing market — i.e well-designed, affordable, family friendly homes.
Renowned as prime-residential specialists, bureau^proberts’ design for the Minka Twins, has all the architectural prowess you’d expect to find at a much higher price point.? Flexibility is the hero of the Minka Twins. Both houses strongly engage with the landscape via a series of floor-to-ceiling glass doors that stack away. This completely opens up the lower-level living spaces to the outdoors and creates an ‘under-the-house’ climate. Meanwhile, internal gardens blur the lines between interior and exterior.

Photography – Scott Burrows

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