Lotus pond and eucalyptus forest dining experience – revisited

Garden Hotpot Restaurant is located in the hinterland of Sansheng Township, surrounding a lotus pond, hidden in a eucalyptus forest. In order to create a close-to-nature dinning environment, MUDA architects chose to eliminate the architectural scale, leaving out walls, only using pillars and boards to integrate the building into the woods ensuring the building merges into the environment, combining people with nature.
The construction forms along the lake, and from above looks like the steam from boiling pots curling between the pillars and trees. Thin columns in the vertical direction are evenly distributed on both sides, and the free curve of the roof forms transparent viewing frames, so that different views can be appreciated during the whole process of walking the venue.
The platform is made of anti-corrosive wood, and the roof is made of galvanized steel sheet, coated with white fluorocarbon paint, which constants and compliments the surrounding lush environment. A series of steel columns with a diameter of 88 mm are used as the supporting structure blending into the straight trunks of eucalyptus trees.
The natural environment of the site is beautiful but complex. Tens of eucalyptus trees must be preserved, and the terrain is tortuous with a maximum drop of nearly 2 meters. In order to respect the natural environment and minimize human intervention in this natural site, MUDA conducted manual mapping and recorded of the site in person, and the building was designed according to the location of eucalyptus trees and lake.

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