Zoe Chan and Merlin Eayrs latest home. revisited

Husband-and-wife team Zoe Chan and Merlin Eayrs, walk to the beat of their own drum, choosing to not conform to the stereo type of architect or developer opting to create homes form the ground up, from finding the right site to designing and building it down to the last detail, whist living in the property for a while before selling and moving on to their next project.
Untethered from the demands of clients, and the pressure of developers, their holistic, focused approach, they only work on one home at a time ensuring creative freedom and satisfaction. Chan + Eayrs’ latest home, The Beldi, a converted loft space in a former shoe factory in Shoreditch, London, exemplifies their concept-driven and detail-orientated home making approach. Drawing from the traditional courtyard houses they encountered on their travels, from the Moroccan “riads” they visited in Marrakech, the once industrial space has been re-imagined as an open-plan oasis of soothing simplicity and handcrafted beauty, resplendent in verdant hues and natural textures: lime plaster walls, linen shutters, limed oak brush timber carpentry, and Beldi tiles—a type of terracotta tile traditionally handcrafted in Morocco from which the residence takes its name.

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