ode to the Pacific Northwest – revisited

An extensive remodel of a Portland house built in 1907, which had been subdivided into several apartments at one point in its history the house had been restored to a single family dwelling by the time studio JHID clients purchased it, there were still clear signs of its former incarnation, namely an awkwardly placed back stair an odd phone booth space just off of the main stair landing.
The studios first step was to re-imagine the circulation throughout the house, which required removing the back stair, opening up the kitchen to the dining room, and adding a master bath where a balcony used to be. In addition to this, the studio layered architectural elements like coffered ceilings, columns and ceiling rosettes to dress up a house that lacked a lot of the charm and character.
The aesthetic direction for the house was to create “an ode to the Pacific Northwest.” The palette is moody, green, lush, mossy and heavy on the western walnut while the decorative lighting and furnishings are markedly modern and playful, which suits the youthful, forward thinking character of the occupants and their kids. In the kitchen JHID designer Mira Eng-Goetz hand-painted a mural of sword ferns across all of the walls as a way to create a garden view in a room with windows that look out onto the facade of a neighbouring apartment building.  The tiles even continue over the built-in fridge to achieve a seamless fern-scape throughout the room.

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