Keeping things approachable – Manhattan

The owners, a couple with three children and a goldendoodle sought to renovate a 1990s home located in the Hudson River Valley to better suit their needs and taste. To oversee the update, they turned to designer Lexi Tallisman, who runs the Manhattan studio Greyscale Interiors.
Tallisman’s aim was to create a stylish and comfortable environment that could handle daily usage by a family. “Nothing could be too precious, nor would we ever intend to place pieces in a client’s home that you’d have to tip-toe around,” she said in a statement. “Livability can and should coexist with beautiful interiors.”
Prior to the renovation, the home had yellowish walls and tilework, underwhelming Venetian plaster, and basic joinery. Tallisman proposed an extensive makeover that was centred on a varied colour palette, a high level of craftsmanship, and a diverse mix of vintage and contemporary decor.
Rather than relying on a single style, she took an eclectic approach, by using complementary depth of colours, acute attention to detail and richness in textures and materials. The outcome is a home woven together by cultivated, layered interiors that feel a bit out of the box, yet entirely inspired, individual and approachable.

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