Timeless artefact – Chile

Galpon House is conceived as a neutral, timeless Artefact; not defined by time or technology, as much as it is by the the Chilean countryside. The shape is simple: A two-story, weather-resistant, gable-roofed wooden shed, that solves the project requirements in an efficient, inexpensive and enduring way.
The site is large, surrounded by pine trees with a strong slope falling towards the lake with the house subtly placed on the territory, almost as an abandoned construction, blending with the landscape rather than interrupting it. Designed by architectural practice 2172, the shape and materials of the house address the commonly existent farm sheds in the countryside context, which could easily be at home in rural Australia.
Two voids are created inside the shed, gaining air, natural light and breadth. The first void is conceived as a covered terrace on the ground floor and the other void is set over the public areas of the house, resulting in a two-story-high central space. The interior of the house is lean, comfortable and wide, whist enjoying abundant views.



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