Recovery of a glorious past – Spain

Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden is a small 24 room hotel with a magnificent garden, swimming pool, spa and panoramic terrace, located in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca, Spain. It is a complete renovation of a 500 year old abandoned building that had been heavily intervened throughout it’s history.
One of the most distinctive elements of the property is its garden, not only because of its size but because of the richness of the existing vegetation. One of the project’s most important interventions has been opening the doors of the garden until now unknown by the vast majority of passers by. The proposed refurbishment is intended to evoke the experience of visiting a house rather than a hotel. Therefore, rather than being at a hotel reception, the guests meet at the entrance hall of the house, instead of a restaurant they find a residential dining room, the rooms and living rooms are like those you would find in a historic home. The project carefully preserves the romantic and decadent atmosphere found in the building and is deliberately contrasted with interventions and elements from different epochs.
It is a respectful intervention with the existing centenary architectural crossbreeding, maintaining the traces of the past and avoiding a false recovery of a glorious past that the house has never had. The eclecticism of the architecture is reflected in the selection of furniture with pieces from very different eras and origins.

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