A light industrial home – Ireland

Conversion of a Warehouse to a Family Dwelling, the brief was to convert a light industrial warehouse unit, situated in central Dublin, Ireland, to a family dwelling. Located on a tight site the project builds itself around a double height atrium space which functions as the primary communal family room for the house a sort of rumpus room.
Parts of the home are painted in various colours whilst all other rooms are white. Designed by Clancy Moore Architects, the first floor is divided by the void of the atrium into two apartments for the parents and children. Shutters open from these rooms to borrow light, views and conversations. In time it is envisaged that these apartments can expand with a maturing family to include parts of the ground floor. The project was delivered on a modest budget.
The architectural language is developed around various elements such as columns, beams, staircases and cabinets which are arranged as figures in the space. Walls to the first floor of the atrium are considered as open trusses creating long views though the building. Shutters open through these screens to the living room below. A plastic curtain will provide a further layer as required for privacy with the growing life of the family.

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