New England interpretation – Hamptons USA

This private residence located in the Hamptons, USA, was designed as an immersive yet modern and natural retreat. Situated along a natural ravine and protected wetlands, the residence consists of three simple gable-shaped buildings, creating a dialogue between the natural grasslands and the built environment. Our objective was to create a single-family residence with a distinctive shared living area, private bedrooms and a private art studio, while taking advantage of the lush natural landscape that surrounds the site.
Designed by Roger Ferris + Partners ,two of the buildings are delicately connected and sectioned off by a glass breezeway, housing the public and private living spaces of the home. A third volume stands alone, housing an artist studio on the second floor, overlooking the rural landscape on which the home is set.
The placement of the building on the site is in response to the challenge of adhering to environmental regulations, while orienting the volumes to take advantage of the views.
A contemporary interpretation of a common New England building form, each volume is shrouded in horizontal wood slats which seamlessly wrap all wall and roof surfaces. Planes of glass provide both a visual and physical connection to the natural surrounding landscape – allowing natural light to flood the interior, while motorised shades are utilised to help control natural light and provide privacy.

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