Spanish tradition

The Cheriff restaurant comes from a long tradition of local family businesses. It has turned into a culinary classic, known for its history and quality, with fresh fish coming in directly from the neighbouring docks. Cheriff is part of Barceloneta, Spain’s history. A classic in the seaside neighbourhood, it needed a design that preserved the authenticity time bestowed onto the restaurant. As part of a strategy seeking timelessness, the distribution into compact areas (typical of a local fish shop), was kept in tact in order to speak to the local community. As designer Massimo Vignelli described it, timelessness is created when things are easily understood. He spoke of “intellectual elegance”, as simplicity is by no means “simple”, but rather the result of a long process of experimentation, revaluation and refining.
Designed by Mesura, artisanry is present in the reinvention of Cheriff’s terrazo, combined with the soft textile elements in white curtains and tablecloths, an intimate atmosphere comes into being. Recycling original materials and the introduction of naval blue. The new Cheriff is an interpretation of the original restaurant.


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