A Penthouse like no other – Israel

The Jaffa Penthouse sounds as delicious as it looks, located on the top storey of The Jaffa hotel in Israel, and one of 30 private residences designed by Pawson Pitsou Kedem Architects and Baranowitz & Goldberg. The home spans a whopping 1,500 square metres and features panoramic views of the historic Arab port city Jaffa, as well as the Mediterranean sea and Tel Aviv in the distance. A focal point of the interior design is a spiral staircase that accesses a rooftop patio, which is the same size as the interiors below..
The penthouse apartment has six bedrooms, several sitting and dining areas, a kitchen, gym and study. Travertine stone columns are used as visual objects that help divide open sitting rooms into separated spaces. “This penthouse, with its vast breadth of space, led us to think of shapes, division and proportion to complement the juxtaposition of old and new with a true sense of home,” said Baraonwitz & Goldberg founders Sigal Baraonwitz and Irene Goldberg.
“Stone sculptural partitions create separations between the different spaces, which on one hand divide and the other, connect, allowing a framed glance of what lies beyond.” A master suite, which takes up almost an entire 3rd portion, is outfitted with a sculptural bathroom vanity that is elevated above the ground at one end.
The interiors have a pared-down aesthetic in cream tones, evocative of the Arab-style buildings that define Jaffa. The sandy Mediterranean beachfront close by also provided a reference point. Local materials like limestone and wood are used prominently, alongside pale fabrics and light walls. Pops of blue, yellow and purple also feature.

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